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Konopizza is a totally innovative format - young and trendy.

A formula suitable for entrepreneurs trying their hand at catering for the first time. An easily managed catering experience to make the most of the potential of an already well established market - the pizza - an authentic symbol of Made in Italy, known and appreciated all over the world.

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    A successful format in global expansion: 22 countries, 150 stores worldwide.

  • 2

    Innovation and authenticity: only high quality ingredients Made in Italy.

  • 3

    Quick to prepare: Ready in just 3' and 20" - thanks to a patented technology.

  • 4

    Traditional pizza reinvented: good and easy to eat, even on the move.

  • 5

    Different retailing formulas - to suit many and varied markets and situations for consuming.

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    Because KonoPizza is really Easy to Eat, Easy to Love. Simple as that!

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"Konopizza is born from the idea and experience of the Chef Rossano Boscolo, in the context of the EtoileAcademy, his renowned cooking school in Tuscany. Tradition has teamed up with innovation to produce the concept - simple and brilliant at the same time - of Konopizza, exquisite and trendy."

Rossano Boscolo - CEO & Founder Konopizza

KonoPizza Master

We're looking for companies that want to invest in food by developing their own network of stores with Konopizza's support. Create your business with our support and know-how with exclusive national rights.

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    Complete customisation of the menus to suit the tastes and cultural traditions of the country.

  • 2

    Complete Transfer of the Konopizza Know-How directly to the Master's country.

  • 3

    We offer solutions that will let the Master open one or more outlets quickly as the first step for development.

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    Invest in quality - Made in Italy.

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How is KonoPizza Made?

The KonoPizza Formats




The pleasure of the pizza unconfined







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